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If we have the chance to collaborate, we'll have many things to share on the topic of plantlets in vitro and young seedlings. This is the least we can promise to our clients besides the services we provide.


Jewel orchids. They're eager to see the world and we're eager to see them as well......

Beauties Collection

As strong as we hope.....plantlets of Phalaenopsis in vitro.

Series of Dendrobium Nobile

Dendrobium in vitro.

Beauty itself is not enough to describe the plants. May we appreciate the beauty of the universe through plants !

Pretty Foliage Plantlets...

  • PG-001

  • PG-001

Mass Propagation of virus-free Banana......

Cymbidium in vitro.

PF-32, Queen Beer

Orders for Flasks

(1). We won’t sell any items in retail. So every variety has its minimum order amount.

(2). The minimum order amount for each variety is 5 or 10 flasks, and there are 16 plantlets in a flask for phalaenopsis, 25 pcs for Cattleya, Cymbidium, jewel orchids or most of the ornamentals.

(3). The minimum quantity for shipment is 20 flasks for jewel orchids, 80 flasks for others.

(4). The FOB price for one flask depends on the different varieties and your order amounts.

 If you’d like to buy 1.7” or 2.5” seedlings of phalaenopsis, flasks propagation will be the first step. Then we’ll deliver flasks to OEM nurseries to cultivate them into the sizes you want.


Orders for Seedlings of Phalaenopsis

All FOB prices depend on the varieties and your order amounts.

(1). The FOB price for one 1.7” seedling is USD 1.0~3.0, and there are 500~520 pcs in one box. The minimum order amount for each shipment is one box.

(2). The FOB price for one 2.5” seedling is USD 2.0~4.0, and there are 180~190 pcs in one box. The minimum order amount for each shipment is two boxes.

(3). The FOB price for one 3.5” seedling is USD 3.0~10.0, and there are 60~65 pcs in one box. The minimum order amount for each shipment is three boxes.


After careful package, we ship all orders by air cargo instead of EMS and DHL. You may need a broker to clear your package out at the Customs there. By the way, most of airlines won’t accept small packages to ship, and the total weight for shipment should be over 45kg.


Please feel free to let me know your selection and write the variety codes down, then take photos and send to Messenger or email to me. The email address is profar@kimo.com. If possible, please narrow your selections. That’ll be easier for us to get to the point.


Payment】You need to pay me twice as the below.

(1). Payment by bank to bank.

(2). The 1st payment is the half and should be done after we’ve reconfirmed and signed the order lists.

(3). The 2nd payment will be done before shipping to you.


Service Charge

If you can’t take all your orders as we’ve reconfirmed, we’ll cancel part or all of your orders and return your 1st payment back but charge you 20~25% for the service cost.